2006 Concerts

The Decemberists

the first time i heard The Decemberists was when they played We Both Go Down Together on Conan. the odd looking bunch of musicians and their unusual mix of instruments appealed to me and I bought a few of their songs off ITunes.

lunato found out somehow and they were going to play in Toronto on 6th of November and she got tickets for us :D The concert was at the Kool Haus in downtown Toronto.. right besides the lakeshore.

lunato had been to concerts back home in Korea and my first and only concert so far was the Junoon concert in Toronto during Pakistan’s Independence Day in 2001 or 2002.. I forget. So technically it was the first concert for both of us.

They played quite a lot of songs and interacted a LOT with the audience. It was a really enjoyable concert and they played our favourite song as well. I also liked Yankee Bayonet a lot and it is another fav song for us now. Some other notable songs: O Valencia, On The Bus Mall, The Perfect Crime, and Sixteen Military Wives.

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