2007 Ottawa Skiing

how youtube led to skiing at mont cascades and more

i’ve spent more than half a dozen years browsing and commenting on the latest chatty on shacknews. it’s become second nature to open Shacknews whenever i sit in front of the computer. Shacknews and Google News are the two most frequently visited websites on this computer.

friday evening i was skimming through the first page of the comments to see if anything interesting was posted. as usual there were multiple youtube links. click, open, watch, close; an endless repetitive cycle that the internet audience is addicted to. just as i was clicking on a random youtube link, lunato entered the room and asked if i wanted to clean the apartment now or wait until tomorrow.

give an option like that to a man and the answer will always be “later

i replied, “nah, let’s do it tomorrow. it’s friday night, lets relax :)

ok…” she replied, then a short pause during which i finish clicking the youtube link and the youtube video starts loading.

but lets…

but the video had already started and i had already turned to watch it. to be honest, i don’t even remember hearing the “but lets…“. oh. shit.

when the video stopped playing, i turned to look if lunato had been watching it with me but she wasn’t in the room. without having any knowledge of what was to come, i stayed put and continued idle browsing.

zhhoooooooooooooooooo“, the vaccum cleaner came to life. huh? lunato is cleaning? what? vaccuming is always my job and she knows that. sigh, i guess this is a call-to-arms.. or rather a call to get-the-fuck-off-the-computer-and-help-me-clean.

i went out and saw her in the living room. i took the vaccum cleaner from her and told her that i’ll take care of it. i wasn’t exactly happy. i wanted to relax after a busy friday but i guess that will have to wait. you must compromise otherwise your relationship will have many problems.

but shouldn’t she be happy now? or at least smiling? and yet there is a frown on her face.

what’s wrong? is everything ok?


seriously, is everything ok? you look upset about something

no, i’m fine” was the reply; a reply full of sarcasm.

hey hey, what’s wrong? we’re cleaning now aren’t we ? i didn’t want to but ok, let’s do it now.

if you don’t want to, then don’t. leave it. i’ll do it

warning klaxons went off. what the heck is going on here?!?

lunato, what’s wrong? i can see you’re upset about something

you cut me off! i was talking and you just looked away at that stupid video

even if it was completely unintentional, small annoyances like this can spiral out of control and proportion very easily. must defuse before it bangs. we talked back and forth and resolved the issue but the overall mood had already soured.. on a friday evening.. just before the weekend. bah.

* ding * i thought of something.

hey, shall we rent a car for the weekend?


we can go to the Mazda and Honda showrooms as well

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but sikander, is the place still open?

i called the local AVIS dealer right away and within 30 minutes we were at yonge/sheppard signing the rental agreement for a PT Cruiser. excellent car by the way. i wouldn’t buy it but i would gladly accept it as a gift. the interior design and the indiglo clock are beautiful.

on the way home from AVIS, we stopped at IKEA. lunato loves their self-proclaimed “best coffee in town” and she really believes that it is the best coffee in town. i parked the car in the loading zone near the exit while she went inside.

* ding * i thought of something again.

yesterday, shekhar had IM’d me that he might be visiting toronto over the weekend. if not, then he would go skiing. he had said that he wanted to invite lunato and i to the ski resort but figured that it was too late. maybe it’s not too late now that we have a car.

i called shekhar and asked for details about the ski trip. it was saturday morning at 10 am at Mont Cascades. shekhar was going with some friends so it was group event and the ticket price was only $28 for the ski rental and the lift. sounds like an excellent deal.

when lunato came back, i asked her if she wants to go skiing tomorrow.


what about your paino class?

i’ll cancel it!!!

shekhar, we’re coming tomorrow! meet at 9:30 AM at dooh’s place?

it’s 8 PM on friday night and we have to be in Ottawa by 9:30 AM. brilliant. dooh is going to have a fit and will complain about the spontaniety of the whole thing. lunato called dooh and asked if we can stay with him tonight. of course we can. but “what the hell? are you joking?.” no, we’re not. we’re leaving in about 2 hours.

i had to get gloves. my grey wool gloves would freeze my hands because i know i will fall repeatedly. lunato wanted to get ski pants, if possible. we checked SportsChek, then Winners, then Walmart, and finally found some at Sears. by the time we finished this frantic shopping trip, it was already 9:15 PM.

it takes at least 4.5 hours to drive from Toronto to Ottawa so if we leave at 10 PM, it would be around 2:30 to 3:00 AM. friday was almost over and to drive to ottawa towards the end of the day would exhaust both lunato and me. we would definitely get only a few hours of sleep cuz when alidhooh, lunato, and i are together, we end up talking for hours on end about the most random, inane and yet highly interesting topics possible.

so lets sleep in Toronto, wake up early at 3:30 AM and then depart for Ottawa by 4:30 at the latest.

on the way home from the mall, lunato’s phone rang. it was her piano teacher calling to ask if she can cancel saturday morning’s piano class. wow. coincidences.

the universe is re-aligning itself in our favour and it wants us to ski. deal! the weekend is saved. let me just check Google News to make sure the world hasn’t blown up yet. and then i’ll sleep.

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You were afraid I would have a fit? Get out!

I can’t wait till I move into my new basement room this Spring. There is so much space, it’s practically illegal.

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