2007 Ottawa

A Parting Shot

Dooh had to wake up early for work. Even though both Harry and Dooh are in Ottawa, they would mostly likely not meet again before Harry leaves for Indonesia. So, this was sort of a good-bye moment for them. Dooh expressed his friendship for Harry a bit too physically.

Dooh saying goodbye to Harry in his own way Harry is mortified and outraged... or is he ?

Perhaps Dooh was warming up to my excellent idea to keep Harry in Canada. Harry can claim refugee status in Canada because he would be persecuted in Indonesia if he declared his love for his fellow man, Dooh. Homogay marriage is legal in Canada and Dooh and Harry have known each other for a decade.. longer than I’ve known either of them. They should get married so that Harry can stay in Canada. Such a perfect plan.

We went to Denny’s for breakfast and Harry treated Lunato and I to a big breakfast. Afterwards, at Renny’s house, we had another big lunch. Excellent food at both venues although the hospitality at the later was a thousandfold better. Renny is awesome.

Leaving the Marriott Hotel Shekhar and Harry in Renny's house Lunato, Renny, and Renny's mother The final pics: Harry and Shekhar The final pics: Harry and Lunato The final pics: Harry and Sikander. Why did you have to kick the car man! The final pics: Last photo in Canada... until next time! Highway 401 on the way back to Toronto

Over the past few years, it has become my policy to simply say, “See you soon” when saying goodbye to someone indefinitely. “See you soon” as a parting phrase matches Harry’s personality perfectly as well.

So, see you soon Harry. I don’t know when or where, but see you soon. Also, you suck.

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