Bluffer’s Park

I am an avid fan of ddoi by Sam Javanrouh. Last year Sam posted an image of the CBC Building in Toronto and mentioned Spacing’s calendar that was on sale. It seemed reasonably priced and since I am a fan of Sam’s photography, I went ahead and purcahsed one.

A few weeks ago I remembered that one of the calendar images, from Febuary 2007 to be precise, was taken at the “Scarborough Bluffs” by Miles Storey. A quick Google search revealed that the Bluffs, which are an escarpment, are actually part of Bluffer’s Park which is only a few minutes drive from our house.

Lunato and I grabbed a spare bedsheet from the linen closet, some fruits and drinks from the kitchen, put everything in the IKEA recyclable bag, and went to the park for a lazy afternoon. I took 2 Claritins and used Nasonex before leaving and I was OK!

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