2007 Spring Rolls

Night out in downtown

Dooh wanted to buy a belated birthday present for a friend in Ottawa so we went to the Pacific Mall. He bought a black school bag for her, some DVDs, and $200+ authentic sunglasses. Lunato bought a pair of hair clips for Harry’s niece, Kayla, whose birthday was coming up in about a week’s time.

Later in the evening we went downtown to our favourite restaurant, Spring Rolls, for dinner. Good food, good times.

Leaving mom's house in Mississauga In front of Pacific Mall Harry ready to destory the world ... but then he saw his name and calmed down sdfsd Dooh with his new glasses Spring Rolls at Yonge/Dundas Spring Rolls - Kitchen Spring Rolls - Dooh and Harry Spring Rolls - Lunato and Sikander Spring Rolls - Dooh Spring Rolls - Harry Spring Rolls - Dundas St. Spring Rolls Dooh, Harry, Lunato, and Sikander on Dundas st. Yonge Street Lakeshore Lights Display CN Tower

The memory card was running out so I made a very short video of the lights display. The music + lights mix was pretty well done.

2 replies on “Night out in downtown”

Oh yea that friend and there was this other friend. O well I remember. How is that going. I forgot the name of the one that came over, he’s cool. And here I thought Dhooh only befriends jerks and overweight pakis.

I don’t know the first friend’s name.. she’s the “punk kid”

The other friend, Sanaa, I don’t know what dooh’s current relationship status is with her.

The one that came over, Sam, is a decent fellow. Lunato and I met him when we were in Ottawa saying goodbye to Jessie. He’s cool indeed.

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