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The Food Cycle

I will never be a herbivore. I appreciate and applaud vegetarians who have selflessly given up meat and thus left more of it for me. I like seafood too. Crab meat and Fish cakes are my favourite in that category. Lobster meat is quite tasty as well but I can’t get rid myself of the unease I feel at the prospect of eating an organism after having seen it alive. It seems…. barbaric.

This is hypocrisy, right ? Package the insides of a chicken, cow, lamb, lobster, etc. into small plastic wrapped styrofoam containers and I have no problem devouring it. But show me the animal I will be eating and I find it difficult and uncomfortable biting into it. I’ve pondered about it often but can’t arrive at any conclusion about why I feel this way.

Harry had no trouble eating the lobster, even though he is allegedly allergic to seafood. Lunato and Harry enjoyed it thoroughly while Dooh screamed like a little girl and I politely declined and tried to enjoy the baked apple pie.

Later on Dooh practiced on the piano for a bit and managed to create a tune for himself. Good job!

We completely forgot about the KICK YO ASS HOT! HABANERO POPCORN and Harry and Dooh left Toronto via GreyHound without trying it. Lunato and I had bought it a few days ago for Harry from Vaughn Mills Mall when we visited it with Lunato’s parents. I’ll mail it to Harry.. he likes challenging his massive digestive system with the spiciest food available on the planet.

Harry on the laptop checking Greyhound bus departure schedule Dooh sporting his new shades Mmmm lobster Bon apetit! Dooh practicing Piano Uhhh..... hello? Harry waiting to get on the bus to Ottawa Dooh's turn to get on the bus Nice dress KICK YO ASS HOT! HABANERO POPCORN

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I think your Camera is broken coz I look @myself in the mirror, like every chance I get, and I don’t look like that. Actually never take a pic of me without a hat.

The hat tones down my overwhelming good looks otherwise the image will just get distorted.

Lobster was delicious, usually I don’t like them coz they always serve them with some heavy sauce. I like my food like I like my women, simple. I even prefer Sushi better without the soy.

Thanks for having me hehe.

After tasting that Popcorn I stuffed my bags full of Death Rain chips (as delicious as I remembered), went all the way to Orleans to get them. If you should find yourself in Navan stop by @Chilly Chiles, I’m running out LOL.

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