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korea trip – 05 – comic con, coex, and dinner

a saturday is always a weekend and that meant lunato would not be going to work today. we decided to spend the day in downtown seoul, wandering from one mall and shopping centre to another. we didn't have any specific items to buy, the aim was to enjoy rather than spend on things neither of us really need. i enjoy foreign cuisines so we had a bite at a few choice restaurants. yumm.

while passing by the SETEC exhibition place, we saw numerous kids dressed up as anime andcomic characters. the annual Seoul Comic Book World exhibition was taking place today and since we were there already, we decided to visit and see what it is like. i had heard of comic- and anime-cons but had never been to one. this was a unique opportunity to explore and experience this fad.

the tickets were only $5 CDN and they allowed access to entrance area and the numerous halls inside. we took a lot of pictures :)

COEX mall wasn't too far away from SETEC so we visited it again. we went there last time i was in Korea as well. it is a nice mall and a definite visit if you're in Seoul area. there were some interactive games in the mall that lots of kids were playing. a projector was displaying a pool table and a soccer field on the floor and you could interact with the pool table balls and the soccer ball with your feet. it was quite impressive and fun as well. lunato just had to play them.. even if it meant winning against a poor little kid haha.

later at night we had a dinner reservation with lunato's brother's family tonight so after the comic-con and COEX mall, we took a bus that would take us to the yoido district. on the way we saw a Trump World tower.. in Seoul.. Trump is everywhere :P lunato's brother's favourite restaurant was in yodio and we spent about half an hour trying to find it.. but luckily we were on time and didn't keep them waiting too long. mmmm, more good food. i'm going to gain so much weight here in Korea!!

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