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New Years’ Eve Festivities

The year 2007 is at an end. Here's hoping that 2008 will be just as good, if not better.

Here's an end of the year message for someone who probably would just shrug it off and say 'meh':

Until next year....

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First Snowstorm of Winter 2007

We had the first major snowstorm of Winter 2007 over the weekend. An approx 15-20 cm of snow accumulation all over Toronto. Don't drive outside if you don't have to!

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Holiday Shopping

Sikander and I went to a "door-crasher" sale for the first time ever. We were in front of the local Canadian Tire store at 7 in the morning and ran inside towards the Treadmill department as soon as the doors opened. It was fun and we saved $1000 off the sale price for the treadmill. Now the hard part starts: actually using it on a regular basis.

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