locker and pizza

So it’s February 19th. Exactly one year since I left Saudi Arabia. Do I remember all of those who came to bid me farewell ? Of course and I will remember them always. I remember I went to Kamran’s house and then Hussam came there. We went to Sheraz’s house and then to Imran’s. Amir wanted to bid me farewell and then there was Talha and stuff. Sadia bid me farewell. Then along came Sherazam, Fowad, Shahzeb, Jojji, Fahad, Hammad, etc etc. It was awesome.

The first 6 months after moving to Canada were hell but after we moved to Nepean, life has become worth living again. Something unusual happened today. After praying in the ESL room, me and Alidooh, and Mohammad walked to dooh’s locker talking about different stuff. And I was standing in the corridor facing Alidooh’s locker. Aisha came and opened her locker. I was in such a position that I could directly see into her locker. And you know what I saw in there ? A locker combination written in a marker. Its just amazing how fast the brain works. I immediately remembered that once during period 6 I was standing in front of my locker getting some stuff out and Aisha came from Mr. Piper’s class and opened her locker, glanced inside, and then opened Shajiya’s locker. And here was this combination 52-45-22 staring at me. Damn man. It could only be Shajiya’s combo.

I ordered myself not to get over enthusiastic about this discovery. So I patiently waited and then went to Chemistry’s class. And then there was his fight inside of me. Should I or shouldn’t I ? You know the outcome. After about 5 minutes of class I went out and checked the combo. Holy shit it worked! This is amazing. By Jove, I know it. Damn, I know it. I was laughing so bad inside. What kind of idiot writes someone’s combo in huge letters in his/her locker ? heeheehee.

Swetal asked me today whether me and Tanvir had ever discussed about her. So i spent the period blabbing away about how Tanvir thinks the world of Swetal and some other stuff like that. It appears that when Tan & Swetal went out for the first time on 13th February, Shajiya hated it. That was this year by the way. And Shajiya kinda used Tanvir somehow somewhere. I don’t know the whole story.

Harry didn’t come today. Yeehang wants to borrow the Solid Gold Game CD. Tomorrow is PD Day = No School. Puppa mumma are gone to Toronto. LOAD by Metallica rocks. I borrowed Our Lady Peace’s Clumsy from Nick. Skid is in a band now called WAJD which means utter devotion or something. Cool name. Dooh wants to go over to Harry’s house on Sunday. He wants to scan some stuff. I want to scan my guitar pic. His house is amazing. Two awesome computers.

Today bought a slice from Pizza Pizza for $1 buck. Actually what happened is that Saphiya came to our locker and asked me and Alidooh if we wanted to share in the Pizza Fund that they were collecting. She was looking for 2 bucks. I had one and gave it to her. She said she would return it but when we were in the ESL room, she took a slice out of the box and said, “Hey sikander, this is your slice cause you gave us some money.” I accepted it cause it would be really awkward to ask for money instead.

I didn’t have any more lollypops in my locker. Efim took the last one But I do have 11 cokes in there. Got them from Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.49. Great deal. Will go and watch Titanic this tuesday. The friggin picture is 3 hours and 15 minutes long. It got 14 oscar nominations so I want to watch it. Tanvir said, “Aachii picture hai yaar” and Shajiya said, “If you haven’t seen Titanic, you haven’t seen anything.” Well, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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