Doesn’t it feel great to help someone ? You get all these weird mixed up emotions and you can’t really describe them. Woke up at 12 today. Yesterday me and Nick were on ICQ and I taught him how to use it. Alidooh and Shajiya haven’t downloaded it yet but someday they will. So, anyway, got up, did wudhuuh, went for the Friday prayer, not at Tunney’s pasture but at this other Islamic school near Fisher and Baseline.

The Weather Network has predicted a winter storm for the South-eastern region of Ontario and the winds have been howling since yesterday. Gets kinda scary at night hehe. The prayer was held in a gym which was fortunately covered with carpets. They had an extraordinary pic of Masjid Haram on one of the walls. The namaz went A-OK and then as we were leaving, I spotted Shaheen uncle there. Donated $2.50 or something to charity for Tunnesia.

After that, went to the office. Puppa and Shaheen uncle left saying that they’ll be back in half an hour. Sunny was there too. I called Tanvir but the guy wasn’t home. Is he ever ? Called Alidooh but he wasn’t home either. Harry had an exam today. Forgot to tell him to come over to my house after he finished writing his exam. His bus would come at 2:15 while the exam would end by 10:00.

Najeeb is in Multan and will be going to KSA in February. His 3 page letter which he started in August got here yesterday. The fat, lazy slob Ammar, Fahad, Nehri, and Hashmi are in Baqaii Medical School too. Hussam in KSA. Sarosh in Purdue University in USA. Khurram Khan got accepted in Staten Island College in NY. Imran and Sheraz are hunting for universities. Panda is in Pakistan and I want to graduate next year. Haven’t told Puppa yet heehee.

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