Ditch proof

i am double minded about exactly what i want this webpage to be. last year, last chapter rather, i wrote more frequently and so had different pages for each journal. but now i don’t write as much as i used to before. the content, at least i think so, has changed too. more about what’s going on in the intellectual world rather than in the physical world. and hence, like before, there isn’t as much to write about. it’s not everyday that you experience something uplifting or depressing that changes you profoundly. on the other hand, when i started this journal, the main focus was on everyday happenings so that i could read it years from now and relive the so-called “good old days” observation : all the computer science professors at carleton seem to be afflicted with the so-called SCQD; the So-Called Quotation Disorder. None of them can define a term without adding, ‘and this is the so-called blahblah’ at the end of the sentence. reichstein, li, sawchuk, and oomen, to name a few, are victims of this heinous disorder.

so.. 20th was a sunday. i woke up early [heh] at 10 and went to take a shower. the house-mates were still asleep.. atleast i didn’t see ’em. last night, all three of them had gone out and come back late at night [partying prolly] and sunday morning were created so one can catch up on sleep. and i whole-heartedly agree with this idea.

the original plan for breakfast was to go downstairs to the kitchen, nibble some cornflakes, gulp milk, grab a pepsi, and then leave for Baseline station. however, i was running late and we had decided to meet at 11 @ SouthKeys. to cut corners and make good use of the precious little time [ever since haa bragged about how punctual he is (that day we went to DealsDirect to buy the Soul Mp3 Player) i’ve been consciously trying to be as punctual as humanly possible], i grabbed a juicePack, drank it, and took a can of pepsi out of the refrigerator to drink on the way to Baseline.

the bus schedule is horrible on sundays and so 118Hurdman was not due in under 10 minutes like it usually is. i decided to walk the 8-minute walk to Baseline instead and then caught 95Orleans. it takes only 20 minutes or so to reach BayviewStation and i spent that time listening to Ayumi Hamasaki – I Am and reading Money In The Bank. It took only 10 minutes to reach Greenboro from Bayview and thus, at 11:03 i was at SouthKeys :)

we went to futureShop to buy dooh’s brand new compaq pressario laptop.. what an awesome machine : AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz, 256 KBL2 Cache, 14.1″ Display, 256 133SDRAM, 20 GB Hardrive, DVD/CDRW Combo, 32 MB S3Twister VidCard, with a TouchPad. it took us much much longer than usual to process the order because their system crashed and none of the terminals were working.

i was supposed to leave for BayShore by 130 but it was 210 when i climbed into the OTrain. no breakfast yet except for the 355 mL of Pepsi. met foz and sketched the answer for question 7 [285 assgn]. the bus took me straight to Bayshore where i met baka^2 in front of the GAP Store.
the rest to be continued…. one assignment due tomorrow [bought the book today cuz rainMan failed to copy it again and will return it tomorrow.. one textbook = $130 !!! insanity] and then two assignments and two tests next week.. aieeee.

jasmine is in carleton too.. and in compSci.. who woulda thunk it.


ETG: Enter The Game

it has begun ! but how does it end ? ahh.. thats the question

lockity lock lock.. wodehouse.. 117.. harveys and tacos.. cellphone.. smileyCard.. tutorials.. wgetcha.. and finally perl::mwaaaaaaaaa :D

2002 Movies Toronto


i am afraid i am turning into an insomniac. for the past two months i’ve been falling asleep due to sheer exhaustion. i’d be on the computer, reading a novel, or working on an assignment till the wee hours of the morning. and then, when the eyelids refuse to keep blinking, i’d reach up and turn off the lamp and drift off to dreamland. but now, here in toronto, i have virtually nothing to do. no assignments, no internet, only novels and a seemingly infinite supply of seconds. if only this monitor had been able to go above 800×600 and cover the entire screen horizontally, i’d be making sometihng.

a lame excuse maybe ? not really. i had to watch all 12 episodes of Geat Teacher Onizuka on this thing and unfortunately this machine cannot play DivX above 320×200 resolution !! ah the pain….

it’s 1:31 right now. today will be my last day in TO. i take VIARail back to OTT on the 3rd. it leaves in the afternoon and takes about 5 hours to reach ottawa. the service is really good. during the trip here they kept bringing food all the time. first some fruits, then breakfast, then beverages, and finally some chips/peanuts. my first experience as a First Class passenger.

the WinterTerm starts from 3rd january too. i have not yet selected my fifth and sixth course for this term. have to pick some electives because anything else will be a huge burden on top of the ine math and three compSci courses. maybe psychology ? or another religion course ? we’ll see.

yahooGames :: bine + snot = i lost (gah)

saw Lord of the Rings yesterday with thrawn. what a wonderful depiction of the Tolkein universe. i think this is the first time a movie has lived upto to the novel. i found only two objections in all 178 minutes of it : the episode where Frodo offers Galadriel the Ring was weird.. plain weird, and second, they did not show Galadriel give the Fellowship the famous Elven Cloaks. i wanted to see what they look like. other than these two complaints, the movie was flawless. the orc in the Mines of Moria, the Shire, the RingWraiths, the fellowship [Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimly, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo], Mordor and the Mount of Doom, everything was perfect. i have to start reading The Two Towers now. the second installment in the trilogy comes out in December 2001… sooo far away :(

have to take pics of the house from outside tomorrow. naraku’s AGFA cam works perfectly in the morning when there’s enough light around. also, have to goto CanotekDrive to take a snap of that hillarious company logo.

Alfred Bester’s The Demolished Man is a very interesting novel. it must be spectacular being a telepath. imagine having a perfect understanding between yourself and someone else…… you and the one

i’m going to miss all when i go back.