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i am afraid i am turning into an insomniac. for the past two months i’ve been falling asleep due to sheer exhaustion. i’d be on the computer, reading a novel, or working on an assignment till the wee hours of the morning. and then, when the eyelids refuse to keep blinking, i’d reach up and turn off the lamp and drift off to dreamland. but now, here in toronto, i have virtually nothing to do. no assignments, no internet, only novels and a seemingly infinite supply of seconds. if only this monitor had been able to go above 800×600 and cover the entire screen horizontally, i’d be making sometihng.

a lame excuse maybe ? not really. i had to watch all 12 episodes of Geat Teacher Onizuka on this thing and unfortunately this machine cannot play DivX above 320×200 resolution !! ah the pain….

it’s 1:31 right now. today will be my last day in TO. i take VIARail back to OTT on the 3rd. it leaves in the afternoon and takes about 5 hours to reach ottawa. the service is really good. during the trip here they kept bringing food all the time. first some fruits, then breakfast, then beverages, and finally some chips/peanuts. my first experience as a First Class passenger.

the WinterTerm starts from 3rd january too. i have not yet selected my fifth and sixth course for this term. have to pick some electives because anything else will be a huge burden on top of the ine math and three compSci courses. maybe psychology ? or another religion course ? we’ll see.

yahooGames :: bine + snot = i lost (gah)

saw Lord of the Rings yesterday with thrawn. what a wonderful depiction of the Tolkein universe. i think this is the first time a movie has lived upto to the novel. i found only two objections in all 178 minutes of it : the episode where Frodo offers Galadriel the Ring was weird.. plain weird, and second, they did not show Galadriel give the Fellowship the famous Elven Cloaks. i wanted to see what they look like. other than these two complaints, the movie was flawless. the orc in the Mines of Moria, the Shire, the RingWraiths, the fellowship [Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimly, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo], Mordor and the Mount of Doom, everything was perfect. i have to start reading The Two Towers now. the second installment in the trilogy comes out in December 2001… sooo far away :(

have to take pics of the house from outside tomorrow. naraku’s AGFA cam works perfectly in the morning when there’s enough light around. also, have to goto CanotekDrive to take a snap of that hillarious company logo.

Alfred Bester’s The Demolished Man is a very interesting novel. it must be spectacular being a telepath. imagine having a perfect understanding between yourself and someone else…… you and the one

i’m going to miss all when i go back.


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