venue : onna floor in dooh’s room

wearing : blue jeans, grey/blue tee

i was in the driver’s seat of my brother’s grand prix. my mother was sitting beside me and thrawn was in the backseat. we were near our house in toronto and i was trying to drive back home. however, there was something extraordinarily wrong with the car. it would not move forward no matter what i did. when i put the car in neutral it would drive backwards on its own. it did not matter how hard i pushed the brake pedal, the blasted thing would not stop. naturally the situation freaked me out and i found myself wondering what skid would do once he finds out i have somehow bewitched his oh-so-precious car. thrawn, on the back seat, was quiet because he knew the situation would lead to a quite disturbing conclusion… maybe estrangement between me and skid.

i tried my best to steer towards our house as it moved in reverse. let me tell you, that is easier said than done. however, i successfully reached our house but was unable to park the car on the driveway. i stopped it under a tree belonging to one of our neighbours. skid came out of the house and towards the car wondering wtf was going on and why in the name of all that is holy did i park his car under a tree. reluctantly i broke the news to him. surprisingly, he did not seem to be distressed as much as i thought he would be. he told me to stay put, as if i’m going anywhere hah !, and that he’ll get help soon. his plan was to call General Motors and ask them to send a representative right away. for some odd reason i knew the rep was going to be female.

so there we were sitting inna car under a tree waiting for the professionals to arrive. i saw [email protected] come out of my house’s front door. she saw me in the car and instead of walking to where it is she were going to walk to, she came towards the car. once nearby she explained that she had come over to deliver an email that she had written to me. then she peeked inside the car and saw that it was not empty. i introduced her to my mother and then thrawn. after the inevitable hello-how-are-you-ing, she said that it was time she got home and then left.

change of scenery and there i am walking out of a big hall into a long corridor that turned and continued towards the right. there are lots and lots of tables lined up against the walls. i had my bag with me and i walked towards one of the tables, placed it there and sat down. the sound i made while pulling the chair attracted tan’s attention and he came across the corner to see who it was. he saw me, greeted me, and then asked if i wanted to play soccer over the weekend [he actually asked me that in real life too… not to say that this story isn’t real.. it is.. in an alternate universe]

after telling tan that i’d love to play and that he should call me when he’s going out to play, i started walking home. again, i found myself in a long corridor. this time i was standing in front of skid’s room. he was on his computer and had not noticed me peeking in. at one end of the corridor there was a HUGE projection screen. when i looked at it, i saw Anakin Skywalker from the new Star Wars :: Episode II Movie that is due out in May 2002. i look at the other end of the corridor and i saw George Lucas, the director, busy editing the movie. surprised at seeing him there i look back into skid’s room to tell him that Lucas is in our house !! but he had disappeared.

and that is when i heard a baby cry and opened my eyes and saw dooh’s niece sitting on the bed and looking straight at me.

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