A Play

the venue :

dramatis personae : elanor, sikander, anonymous people in the background


Enter sikander

He walks out of the library with his cell phone. he returns naraku’s call and then wonders where he should go to eat his lunch. what better place than his favourite spot on campus.

he goes down to the tunnels under the library and heads towards one of the chairs in that picture above. as he approaches the sitting area he notices that one of the chairs is bent. it was crooked and looked as if it would fall off its base any second. he sits on the fixed chair facing away from the vending machines.

there are people walking by, people sitting on the other chairs, and people standing around talking to one another.


sikander is eating his lunch while reading his current novel (Thief Of Time – Terry Pratchett). a voice greets him from behind.

Enter elanor

elanor : hey sikander

* sikander looks up *

sikander : oh hey elan

elanor proceeds to sit on the broken chair across the table. it breaks and elanor falls on the ground. there is a look of horror on elanor’s face as she realizes what just happened. sikander almost chokes on his food because of uncontrollable laughter. elanor gets up cursing the chair and denouncing sikander for not warning her about it’s broken condition. sikander tries to tell her that he would’ve warned her but there wasn’t sufficient time before her buttocks hit the seats. much laughter ensues. elanor proceeds to sit on the other chair, but first she checks if it was safe to sit on. sikander keeps laughing.

elanor (testily) : are you still laughing !!

they both agree that it was most fortunate that there weren’t many people around.

* curtain falls *
* audience goes wild and demands an encore *

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