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Piano lesson

when i was grade 3 or 4 i took piano lessons for a while but i quit soon because i didn’t enjoy it so much. now i forgot everything about piano. i regretted it a lot when i saw my friend play piano so well a few years ago.

so i started to have piano lesson which i have wanted to do for so long. especially after sikander left korea, i need something to focus on and feel happy about it. i searched several piano lesson places and found one very near my house. it opens until 10 pm, monday to friday which is very nice for me because i can go there even though i finish work late.

i was so surprised that i still remember some stuff on the piano music book. when i was a little little kid, i didn’t realize how nice piano sounds, and now even with my clumsy broken piano skills, the sound is still very impressive to me :) :) who knows one day i play this music (george winston’s canon) with my ten fingers.

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my parents have been telling me for years that i should learn how to play the piano because i have long fingers and long fingers are good for piano .. i do want to try someday :)

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